Located in Morgan County, Colorado


 Betty Eubanks, Founder/President

Looking to add a pet to your family? We have pets available for adoption, young and old. The benefit of adopting the pets listed here is that it is an owner-to-owner transaction.   All pets are FREE and it is FREE to place them here.

If the contact does not answer, or you desire a pet not listed on this website, call FUR-ever Friends at 970-768-1021.  

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FUR-ever Friends new location is:
420 Ash
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Due to the partnership with the SNYDER 4-H Club, We are offering our free pet food program again and can help with emergency pet problems.  If you have a pet which you are needing to re-home, please call us.  We are very successful in finding new homes and since it is an owner to owner move, you will choose the new home and be assured that your pet does not have the trauma of sitting in a cage while waiting for a new home.




The brown puppy in above picture arrived at FUR-ever Friends from the Vet Clinic after suffering abuse as it was kicked in the head and thrown against a wall and She needed therapy by being allowed to be in a large area where she could walk and exercise her brain.  Crickett (black Pug) and I have had her about two weeks and she has recovered and ready for adoption.  She is so loving, has been taught to use doggy doors with Crickett's guidance.  She sleeps outside, has all her shots and even though she has been abused, she doesn't remember as she is so loving to everyone.  Should have a fenced yard for a while.  Gets along well with other dogs.
Call me, Betty Eubanks at FUR-ever Friends, 970-768-1021.  She's free and we will help with her spaying.


Border Collie mix
Needs lots of room to play