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 Betty Eubanks, Founder/President

Looking to add a pet to your family? We have pets available for adoption, young and old. The benefit of adopting the pets listed here is that it is an owner-to-owner transaction.   All pets are FREE and it is FREE to place them here.

If the contact does not answer, or you desire a pet not listed on this website, call FUR-ever Friends at 970-768-1021.  

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FUR-ever Friends new location is:
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Due to the partnership with the SNYDER 4-H Club, We are offering our free pet food program again and can help with emergency pet problems.  If you have a pet which you are needing to re-home, please call us.  We are very successful in finding new homes and since it is an owner to owner move, you will choose the new home and be assured that your pet does not have the trauma of sitting in a cage while waiting for a new home.



Healer Mix


Two 11 week old male puppies

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     308    pets
were adopted during 2010 !!!

     153    pets
have been adopted in 2011!!!
     115 pets have been adopted in 2012!!

As of 4/30/213
31 pets have been adopted in

FURever Friends is so happy to have assisted in all of these adoptions.

We are also proud to have assisted with 271 spay & neuters as of December  31, 2012!! and 51 so far in 2013.  We have also assisted in vet care for 9 pets and completed 228 vaccinations through April of 2013










His name is Marion. He is 10 years old but still very active and very playful. He loves attention and loves to "talk"; he will even respond when spoken to, making it easy to have a conversation of sorts with him. He is very special and needs a good home where he can get alot of attention and where he can be the "baby" of the family. He gets along fine with children, though he gets a little stressed when around very young children who pull on his tail or his feet. He also doesn't get along very well with other animals but he fills a house all by himself with his chatter and his presence. He is the perfect companion and a very loyal friend. He will be missed but since I have very young children who take all of my time and attention, Marion deserves a home where he can get the attention he craves and deserves. Please call 970-867-1042 if you are interested in providing a deserving home for him.

He is neutered, his vaccines are all current until 2014, and his last check up gave him a clean bill of health.



2 identical dark orange long hair 6-wk old kittens.  Same litter as light orange below.



This kitten is same litter as the one in above picture.  There are two this color and two dark orange above picture.  Need homes before the cold weather sets in.  Eating good.  Four in litter, all long hair.  Beautiful.